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Blog post for Vagisil
7 Things I Wish My Mother Had Taught Me


Blog post for Essential Magnesium
Do Children Need Magnesium?


Blog post for Scholarcy
5 Best AI Tools for Postgraduate Research


Home page for Mercy Wellness
Mercy Wellness website


Web copy for Apex Restoration
Apex DKI location page


Blog post for Spun Bamboo
Fast Fashion VS Slow Fashion


Blog post for Ecover
How to Care for Different Types of Fabrics


Blog post for Okamoto
6 Signs You're Good in Bed


Blog post for ckw Real Estate
8 Strategies to Win a Bidding War


Blog post for Vagisil
Is There Truth to Superfoods?


Blog post for method
5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life


Blog post for Thought Catalog
Backpack Safely Around the World


Bio blog post for Yuriyasa
Introducing the founder


Brandstory for Huntsman
ECOfingerprint360 brandstory

Scriptwriting & Voiceovers

More than 16k views!

Things parents should never say

Sometimes when you get mad, what you say can be the most hurtful thing ever to your child. In this video we explore 10 hurtful things parents should never say to their child, lest we risk negatively impact their feelings and emotions, not to mention their self-esteem and confidence in the future.

Scripted and voiced by me for Prodigy Pentagon.

More than 5k views!

Father's Day video

The brief I was given was to create a touching Father's Day video. It actually was a totally different brief, but I suggested this idea, which the client decided to run with because they loved it so much.

Scripted and voiced partly by me (third voice in the video)

Voiceover for DBS

What a trip down memory lane it was for me recording this nostalgic and inspirational piece for DBS Bank.

Landing Pages & Funnels

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Registration Page
Instagram quotes design

Instagram Quotes

Gorgeous, eye-catching & great opportunities to get your audience to relate to you.

Social media posts

Social Media Posts

Use any occasion as the perfect chance to reinforce your message and solidify that bond with your audience.

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