Huntsman Ecofingerprint360 Brandstory

A corporate brand story written for Huntsman Corporation

Life is a journey, and it’s an amazing, vibrant and exciting one. From the moment we come into this world, we are filled with a curiosity to explore, create, make a difference, and leave our mark.

At Huntsman, we are on a journey too.

What started as one man’s solutions to packaging became a proud family business and today, a global market leader.

For nearly 50 years, and in more than 100 countries around the world, we have empowered more than 10,000 people using science and ingenuity to create life-changing innovations. We are proud to create the building blocks for products used every day by consumers everywhere.

And we are constantly discovering new innovations and making a difference in the way products are manufactured and businesses are run.

But when it comes to leaving our mark, we believe in “Enriching lives through innovation”, which is also our corporate motto. We know that we have the resources – and the responsibility – to discover new ideas, products and services that will have a positive social, environmental and economic impact, for a better world and a better tomorrow.

One of our key core values is excellence in environmental, health and safety (EHS) performance. It is deeply embedded in our culture and we have an excellent track record of which we are extremely proud. But it is never enough to rest on one’s laurels. In this ever-dynamic world, we need to constantly dig deeper and figure out how we can improve and strengthen our sustainability efforts.

Ecofingerprint360˚ is the newest initiative to be launched by Huntsman Textile Effects.

This initiative takes an all-encompassing 360-degree view of the entire value chain and product lifecycle at Huntsman, grading each product through an ecofingerprint360˚ rating.

This formalised, structured grading platform provides transparency and provenance for our textile dyes, chemicals and digital inks, and communicates the clear sustainability credentials of the product portfolio offered by us at Huntsman.

In alignment with the United Nations Global Compact, in which we have been an active member since 2011, ecofingerprint360˚ uses four metrics to rate the sustainability of its products.

ECONOMIC rates the efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing base, raw material and chemical efficiency.

ECOLOGY measures resources consumed during manufacture and use, and the product’s biodegradability.

GOVERNANCE focuses on transparency, use of hazardous materials, and compliance with the ZDHC’s manufacturing restricted substances list.

SOCIAL measures product innovation, health hazards and workplace safety, as well as sustainability over the product lifecycle.

Ecofingerprint360˚ rates each product along the lines of these four metrics to give it a combined ecofingerprint360˚ score. With one cohesive standard for measuring sustainability across our entire product portfolio, our customers and stakeholders are better equipped to make informed choices when it comes to their own sustainability footprint, and about the mark that they leave on this world.

Yes, at its most basic, Huntsman is a business. We can’t deny that our bottom line, balance sheets and profits are important to us. But those are not the only numbers we are concerned about. For every profit we make and every plant we set up, we have the social responsibility to use our resources towards helping the thousands of turtles that will lay their eggs on the same beach; the hundreds of bird species our conservation initiatives benefit; the hundreds of families from rural villages we can empower through our efforts to introduce education and animal husbandry skills to the community; and towards saving hundreds of thousands of litres of water every single day by employing our water-saving innovations in textile dyeing.

Ecofingerprint360˚ is our way of reaffirming our commitment to building a clean, compliant, ethical and thriving textile value chain. And it is just one of our many efforts towards championing the protection of our environment and improving the quality of life for people around the world.

Our purpose is clear. The only mark we at Huntsman want to leave behind is a truly sustainable world for future generations. For our children, and their children. So that they can enjoy their life journeys to the fullest and explore all the creative innovations the future can bring.

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