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How Good is GoCharlie’s 1-Click Blog Actually?

Move over Jasper, GoCharlie is all the rage right now in the AI writing world. The piece de resistance? Its ability to create a whole blog article for you with just 1 click, affordably

Well, okay, obviously you know it’s going to be more than just “one click”, since you’re going to have to feed the AI some information first, but essentially, once you’ve given it the ingredients to work on, one click is all it’s supposed to take to write out a whole blog article for you.

But how good is it actually?

Auto Blog Writing

Now, “automatic” AI blog writing is not a new feature per se. Jasper has its One-Shot Blog Post, Copy AI its Blog Wizard, Scalenut its Cruise mode, WriteSonic its AI Article & Blog Writer; and these are just a few amongst many other AI writing apps.

So while it’s not exactly new, it is still supposed to save a lot more time than using the AI writing templates of old – first you have to run blog ideas, then blog outline, then blog introduction, the individual blog sections, blog conclusion etc.

Using the different templates may take up a lot more time, but ultimately it gives you more control over your content, since you’re working on each section separately.

That’s the main reason why even though one-click blog wizard functions have existed in the AI world, they haven’t exactly gained traction, because the content has been, well, inferior.

Usable content?

Till now, apparently. What makes GoCharlie stand out is not just its ability to create blogs automatically, but the fact that the content is actually largely usable.

Sure, you’re definitely still going to have to edit the AI’s outputs. I would strongly recommend that you never publish any AI work without at least going through it and improving on it even slightly. 

But for AI writers to save you time and effort, much depends on its ability to generate useful and relevant content, so that you spend less time on the human editing part.

And apparently, with GoCharlie, the content you get from just one click is substantial, reliable and consistent enough to use with minimal edits. Something like that would rock my world completely, if it actually worked!

No other way than to put it to the test, I say!

Wuff wuff, I like digging up the truth! says Charlie

Criteria for testing

Since what makes AI content “good” tends to be subjective to user and use case, I based my testing on the following 5 criteria:

  1. Usable and relevant headers
  2. Expandable structure
  3. Frequency of repetitive content
  4. Relevancy to the SEO keywords provided
  5. Overall usability of the raw content

Basically, I’m hoping that whatever I get from the AI output is actually usable as a first draft, and not just piecemeal which I would then have to cut and paste into different sections in order to make it even look like something resembling a blog post.

The Experiment

The experiment: I put GoCharlie’s 1-Click Blog to the test to write up a blog article about PLR content.

My input:

Blog title: Why use PLR content for your blogs

Target audience: small businesses and entrepreneurs

SEO keywords: PLR, PLR content, PLR articles, PLR blogs, best PLR content, business PLR content, buy PLR content, coaching PLR content, content marketing PLR, content marketing PLR articles, PLR blog articles, PLR content for blogs

Input including blog title, target audience and SEO keywords
GoCharlie’s 1 Click Blog is pretty straightforward and easy to use

If you’re wondering where I got these keywords from, I basically did a keyword search using Semrush and pulled some of the top 30 related keywords ranked according to search volume. Note, 12 keywords was the maximum number of keywords I could get in there, which is pretty decent in being able to feed the AI what I want in terms of keywords. 12 is definitely better than just 1!

Charlie took about a minute or so to go fetch, and he came back with this raw output. I’m attaching the screenshots here wholesale, so you can get an authentic idea of the kind of raw output GoCharlie delivers, simply with their 1-Click Blog.

Point to note:

This experiment was based on the VERY FIRST TIME I generated content using GoCharlie’s 1-Click Blog feature. I did not run it multiple times and choose the best output, I simply took what was the very first output ever. I think it’s important that this is made clear, as many AI writing apps require multiple generations in order to get usable content, and that’s exactly what we’re hoping to avoid!

Generated output for PLR content 1
Generated output for PLR content 2
Generated output for PLR content 3

Experiment Results & Review

Now based on the raw outputs I got from Charlie as above, here’s what I think based on the criteria I set out to test for myself:

Usable and relevant headers – YES

Frankly, I quite like the headers Charlie has come up with. Although I only chose “Why use PLR content” as my blog title, Charlie came up with a lot of relevant sections that I should include in this article, such as “How to find the best PLR content for your needs” and “How to make the most out of PLR content”. The headers on “Dos & Don’ts” as well as “Common mistakes when using PLR content (and how to avoid them)” are also welcome headers that would make an impact to this article for sure. So thanks, Charlie, for those ideas!

Expandable structure – yes and no

While the headers are pretty awesome, I would definitely not use them in this order for a blog outline. They kind of jump here and there, and repeat themselves as well. But, it’s a very good starting point to just take the headers out, rearrange their order, take some out or put some additional ones in, and voila, you have a pretty decent blog outline with some interesting headers that you might not have thought about on your own.

It might also inspire your next blog article, for example, solely on the Dos and Don’ts of using PLR content. In most use cases, AI writers are generally helpful in sparking inspiration so you’re not just staring at a blinking cursor, and GoCharlie does well in this area.

So, structure, nope, definitely not the way it is given, but expandable content, yes, for sure.

Frequency of repetitive content – not bad

Some of the topics were repeated a few times, namely the benefits of using PLR content. You can find it in the header “What is PLR content”, and then again under “Why use (it)”, “Benefits of…” and then again under “How to make the most of…” and “The best way to use…”.

While the content itself isn’t repeated – you don’t find the exact same sentences just Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V’d in the article – the idea or essence behind those sentences is essentially the same, talking about the benefits. You definitely wouldn’t publish this article as is, without first rearranging the sections and sentences so that it makes just ONE section about the benefits, rather than how it’s being littered everywhere now.

That said, while the content is similar, it does actually give you a lot of options to pick and choose the sentences you’d like to include in your article eventually. They’re all pretty sound, make sense, and are relevant, so I’m not opposed to simply rearranging sentences or paragraphs so that it flows better; the good stuff is already there to begin with, you don’t have to come up with it from scratch.

Relevancy to the SEO keywords provided – not really

I don’t think the SEO keywords were largely considered here. I don’t see anything about coaching content or content marketing, for example. I do see some effort to include “best PLR content” and “PLR content for your blog” in the headers, but that’s about it. “PLR content” as a phrase also appears a whopping 42 times, and is never once replaced by “PLR articles” or “PLR blogs”, even though these were two SEO keywords I input as well.

How well does the AI take these SEO keywords into consideration then? I’m not really sure, we’d have to ask the team – I will, and I’ll post any response I get. (The GoCharlie team is really hands-on, by the way, I love the way they interact with their users in their official Facebook group, which really helps them gain useful feedback to improve on their product. Go, go, go Charlie team!)

But just from this experiment alone, possibly not as much as I would have liked it to. 

Overall usability of the raw content – Great

Overall, I would definitely be able to use this raw output in a blog post. To be able to generate this kind of quality – and more than 1,700 words at that! – is pretty mind blowing. Actually, in the world of AI writing, the fact that AI can stay on topic, and give you relevant information that actually makes sense, on the first go, is always something to cheer about. AI writing apps have been around for a couple of years, but they’re still very much in their infancy when it comes to delivering raw output of a high quality.

Quality you can use, that’s the name of the game right now, and it seems like GoCharlie is well on its way towards giving us AI writing fans what we want – and need!

Just to be able to do the above, and generate a blog article – albeit with editing needed  of course – with one click, imagine how much time that would save you.

Some use cases I can think of, just off the bat:

  • Blog posts for your website
  • Social media posts (break up a blog into sections and post them separately)
  • Guest posts 
  • Backlink posts
  • Short explainer videos
  • PLR content
  • Write for others
  • Reports/ebooks for lead generation

Seriously, imagine if you could just generate your whole year’s worth of content marketing in one sitting. Apparently, now with GoCharlie, you can.

notes, paper, ball of paper-514998.jpg
Save yourself the time and effort involved in starting from scratch.

Point to note:

Whether or not GoCharlie will be useful to you largely depends on your use case/s. If you’re looking for a long-form editor where you can type a few words, and then click “Write more”, GoCharlie is not it. If you’re looking for an AI writing app that you can “instruct” with direct prompts such as “Write me a 3-paragraph short story”, GoCharlie is not it. If you’re looking for an AI tool to generate quality blog content with one click, repurpose videos into blog content, and create your very own AI images, then yes, GoCharlie is very much perfect for you.

As with all software and apps, I encourage you to sign up for a trial version and give it a go for yourself. You can read plenty of reviews and watch videos, but they’re essentially other people using it for their own purposes, which may not be the same as what you would use a particular app for. Don’t just purchase something because of the “hype”, make sure that it fits what you need and most importantly, make sure you’re gonna use it!

>> If you’re interested in getting GoCharlie, I would strongly recommend that you purchase their Limited Time Deal which is still ongoing until 28 November 2022. I know they’re doing some Black Friday deals on their monthly and annual subscriptions, so grab those if you’re not willing to jump on board a lifelong commitment, but I would definitely recommend that you get their LTD while it’s still available. They said they’re not offering their LTD ever again, and so far they’ve shown themselves to be rather upstanding folk and a company with integrity, so I’d take them at their word! Don’t miss out! Get the GoCharlie LTD now

(This is my affiliate link and I will receive a commission if you use this link, but it does not affect the price you pay at all. Your support is greatly appreciated and I will definitely share more GoCharlie tips and tricks with you in the future, so drop me an email at [email protected] if you purchased with my link!)

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