Need a cuppa copy?

Tired of all the fluffy nonsense on the Internet?
Boring information nobody actually wants to read?
Wondering why you're not getting clicks or sales?

I help entrepreneurs & small businesses win customers over authentically.

Hi, I'm Michelle Jean.
Over the last 18 years as a copywriter, I've discovered that...
a lot of marketing content is really, really boring.
And that's why I only write persuasive content full of personality!

Look, writing content isn't about summarising the internet.
Or taking your competitor's works and running them through spinners.

Yes, every piece of content you put out there should:
✔ Provide information
✔ Seek to entertain
✔ Showcase your brand
✔ Have a call to action

But it should also...
✔ Tell YOUR story
✔ Share YOUR values
✔ Win people over by being who YOU are

YOUR content shouldn't just be another CTRL-C + CTRL-V article out there.

Let me help you cut through the noise and tell your real stories,
so that your ideal audience can't help but relate and
fall in love with what you have to offer! 😊


Why Copycup?

Frankly it's cuz I started annoying people with "Need a cuppa copy?" so much, it just naturally became the name.

So Copycup it is - copy in a cup.
Warm and cosy and oh so satisfying.

Also because I function on coffee. LOL

But no, you're wondering why you should work with me instead of countless other copywriters and agencies out there.

Good question.

I could tell you it's because I have 18 years of experience in copywriting and have worked with more than 300 brands... but it's really because of these things right here...


Integral values like honesty and integrity

Sorry, but you can't pay me to lie! I've turned down clients who have asked this of me. I believe in ethical marketing, in serving your audience, and in telling your true story. If that's you too, I think we'll get along just fine!


Unique writing style with fun personality

You know, I'm really into the AI space. Jasper, ClosersCopy, WordHero, LongShot... I love them all, they're great for helping with ideas when you get stuck. But thankfully, no AI can replace me as a copywriter yet! Mainly because they don't have my personality! Your audiences aren't clones, so why should your content sound like it came out from a content factory?


Relationships are important

Yes, you're my potential client, but first and foremost, you're a fellow human being. I value the connection with the people I work with, and having a meaningful working relationship is a high priority for me. I prefer working with nice people who share the same values. Life's too short!

What You Get With Every Written Work

FREE SEO Keyword Research

Not sure which keywords your content should feature? No worries, I do all the keyword research and analysis for you so you don't have to.

FREE SEO Optimisation

Optimise your content with the best SEO keywords, top SERP copy, AND make it interesting to read? Sure can do! I wouldn't have it any other way.

FREE Premium Stock Images

No more having to pay extra for pricey stock images. I've got you covered. I can provide relevant stock images at no additional charge, if needed.

My Copywriting Toolbox
Cuz Everyone Needs Friends You Can Rely On 😂

How Can I Help You?


Blog Posts

Blog posts need to be informative, attention-grabbing (and maintaining!), engaging, persuasive, and SEO optimised. Sounds like too much to ask for? Not really. That's basic for every blog post I will write for you! Don't forget, I also provide relevant blog post images free of charge if you need some.


Social Media Posts

Whether you're looking to provide extra value for your audience on your pages, or you'd like to repurpose content across multiple platforms, I can help you with the writing and/or design of your social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.


Email Marketing

Send emails out that your audience can't help but have to click on, open, and read. And not just your usual content emails, but emails that are personal, emotional, and from the heart. Emails that really speak to your customers, they end up replying you... a lot.


YouTube Video Scripts

Flow is especially important when it comes to video. You don't want to suddenly lose your viewer because something in your script was jarring, or worse, because your video is boring. A video script needs to be witty, fun, engaging and entertaining.


Landing Pages

I love building landing pages and sales pages! With an eye for detail and a love for aesthetically-pleasing things, I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and get cracking on building you a landing page that looks great, and more importantly, works. Great design with good old copywriting, now how often do you come across an awesome 2-in-1 deal like that!


Web Copy

Your home page is the welcome mat your potential customer sees when they finally reach your doorstep. Is it actually welcoming? Can they tell what you're all about and have to offer? Are your About Us page, Service pages, and Location pages really selling it as good as you possibly can?

Need other services? I also do web copy, product descriptions, copyauditing & copyediting, writing complaint letters about faulty dishwashers, eulogies, heck I'll write your Tinder bio... You name it. Just ask me. 🤣

Hi, I'm Michelle Jean.

After writing for more than 300 businesses over the last 18 years, I discovered my professional passion — helping to add some humanity to the face of B2C and B2B marketing.

This calling was inevitable; I'm allergic to any selling that feels gross, overhyped, over-salesy, or fake!

If you're anything like me, you just want to focus on your business, help your audience, and put yourself out there so the right people can find you at the right time, when they need you the most.

You CAN stay true to yourself and be successful. So let's get started, shall we?


Contact me!

Let's talk so I can find out how best I can help.
Go ahead, schedule a video chat or chat me up on Messenger.

P.S. I am a huge introvert.
But my willingness to help is greater than my fear of talking to you!
Surely that has to count for something! :)

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Anxiety level: Nerve-wrecking

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Facebook Messenger

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Anxiety level: Not at all!

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